By: Comics Fun in Scooby Doo

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Perhaps you can call it an incest. Yeah, I bet you can. No, they are not relatives – they’re just friends. But that is what an incest is – fucking your close person. That’s exactly what the heroes of Scooby Doo do here. Fred and Shaggy are too hard to just sit and watch their friends playing with each other. They take their cocks out and prepare for a furious orgy which will last several hours! The poor Velma and Daphne will have to suck their meaty sticks, ride them and scream until they will have no powers to do anything. As for Scooby, he’ll watch at it all with great surprise. But he’s a good boy, yeah, he won’t fuck his friends, uh-uh 🙂 A solid Scooby Doo porn, just for the toon porn lovers.