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By: Comics Fun in Futurama &The Jetsons &The Simpsons

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They are so gay nobody would doubt that! Meet Fred Flintstone, Crusty the Clown, Homer Simpson, Fillip J Fry, Chris Griffin and George Jetson – all these guys will fuck right in front of you in this lovely gallery! They do it on all the locations from the original toons – from Springfield to Griffin’s house! None of those pics are simple – you’ll watch crazy threesome orgies, furious anal sex and 69! Not only for gay toon porn lovers, but also simply those who love watching cartoon dicks – here’s what you’ve been waiting for! So come and get it, while it’s hot and juicy!

The Simpsons strike again

By: Comics Fun in The Simpsons

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I think those Simpsons will never get tired of fucking each other. And that’s wonderful, cause we won’t get tired watching them 🙂 This small gallery can boast several kinky Simpsons sex episode, which you’ll love. Homer fucks one of his wife’s sisters in the ass, Apu gets behind Marge and starts sticking it furiously, Mr. Burns fucks Bart’s teacher, and Homer, having enough of Selma, prefers to eat his wife’s ass. And – attention! – there’s a small bonus for you here! Look what Crusty the Clown is doing there! Yeah, right, he’s doing nothing. But his monkey surely does! Look how she sucks his wiener! Oh man, that toon porn is so funny!